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My love for books began from the time I learnt how to read. I have been told that as a child I would be the one reading the bedtime stories to my parents, instead of vice versa. This love for reading was encouraged by my parents who did not hesitate to buy me books.

When I first moved to Mumbai, I was so excited to know that books were available on the street for a throwaway price. And believe me, I bought quite a few.

Eventually I realised that when I buy books from the street, although I may enjoy reading the books, I am not helping the authors get what is due to them.

I am a person who still loves the feel of a book and who cannot stand reading an e – book (which has a similar issue altogether); therefore now I have consciously decided to buy books from book stores even if it means buying fewer books than I used to.

P.S: However, there are times when these vendors on the street are able to procure some old books which you might otherwise have difficulty in finding.

The Photograph was taken in Connaught Place, New Delhi and represents my thoughts on the subject.

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2 thoughts on “The Book Corner

  1. Noah Fernandes says:

    Hi Sarah!, very interesting article. I like how you feel for writers, who put in a lot of effort in penning down their thoughts. i must inform you that its not just in the case of authors,but the case with most professionals working in the creative fields, who in most cases are inadequately compensated for their work. But on the other hand, knowledge should not necessarily be expensive, it should be made available even to common people. Although in many cases roadside booksellers do sell pirated books, generally novels which i generally don’t like, but there are times when i have found some really rare books which someone might have discarded. For this very reason, i find their purpose justified.


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