The Letter!

The Letter!

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t re – read a phone call.

~ Liz Carpenter

It was just a different time, when I was young and my parents would receive letters. I used to dream of the day when I would be all grown up and receive mail of my own. Times have changed. But I haven’t. I still love writing letters to convey thoughts and feelings. And I have made a few others fall in love with the idea of letters.

Usually, I hand deliver my letters. However, this one letter was different; it was the first one by post. I experienced so many emotions during the process of sending this letter; the apprehension that it won’t reach in time or that it would get lost in transit, the unexplainable joy when you know that it has been received and then the feeling that you could have done a better job with its contents.

But then I couldn’t think of any other way to make a Birthday special, especially without being there. Therefore, the Letter!

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2 thoughts on “The Letter!

  1. Anju Singh says:

    Must be appreciated… Great words and commendable thought Sarah.. Keep going with such innovative and creative ideas ahead in life.. Good luck


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