Series: Children of Ladakh

“The soul is healed by being with children”

~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Having to do an internship with a non – governmental organisation after completing my studies in social work, I got an opportunity to work with the Snow Leopard Conservation India Trust (SLC- IT). SLC – IT is an organisation working primarily for the conservation of snow leopards in Ladakh. The organisation also conducts educational programmes for children in various villages of Ladakh to make them more aware about their wildlife and biodiversity.

During one of these educational programmes I got to participate in, I met the most kind, generous and hospitable people. But what captured my attention the most were the children, they were the sweetest hosts to me. Though we didn’t speak the same language, it was never a barrier. I could see them laughing, their laughter made me smile . . . for all you know they must have been laughing at me.

In this series I photographed mostly the children I met during the educational programme, and others that I couldn’t ignore whilst walking down the streets of Ladakh. For me children seem to be one of the most interesting subjects to photograph.


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